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Tree Service is our passion because it is a necessity. With the reality of storms, disease, drought, and fire in our area it is of upmost importance that we manage our land. We are here to help our clients develop plans within their budgets to manage vegetation and large trees on their property for safety and practicality.  Many of our clients have moved up from the city and need local help in understanding the seriousness of potential catastrophic impact unmanaged trees can have to our wellbeing. Every year we respond to many emergency calls involving trees that have fallen into houses, cars and garages. Most, if not all, can be avoided with proper inspection of the trees around your home.

Owner/Operator Tom O’Brien worked for many years under one of the best arborists in town before starting my own business. He has taught me much about residential tree service and land management. He helped me launch my business and has been a constant encouragement and mentor over the last 12 years. I am working toward getting my arborist certification now, but I also have an arborist on staff to perform any needed Arborist duties.

We spend most of our work days removing trees near or over houses. We are quite talented and experienced in roping trees down in tough areas. When needed we use the assistance of an 18 or 50 ton crane to insure the safety of our men and your home and property.


Owner/Operator Tom O’Brien

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